We are DandZu, where fun meets the great outdoors

About Us

The DandZu Resort and Lodge is a unique establishment in Hawassa, Ethiopia. It was founded in 2020 by Fisseha and Daughters LLC with a distinct goal and vision. The resort is designed, built, and managed with the intention of standing out from other accommodations. Fisseha and Daughters LLC have plans to expand their destinations to additional cities by 2025, including the south western city of Jimma and the eastern city of Diredawa. The resort offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests, combining exceptional service with a beautiful and tranquil setting. Whether you are seeking a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, DandZu Resort and Lodge aims to provide an unforgettable stay.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver memorable experience to our guests. We are devoted to creating enduring relationships with our guests and members by providing the highest service through contemporary design together with gracious hospitality and practical luxury while enhancing the beauty of Hawassa and caring for our beautiful environment.

Our vision

To be a benchmark traditional hospitality chain developer and operator in East Africa. To have our company be known as among the premier luxury destinations in the world; to create personal experiences for our guests that they will treasure for a lifetime; and to be the destination of choice for our valued guests, members, associates, communities, and investors.

Our Core Values
  • Deliver the highest service

  • Consistently satisfy our guests with new experiences

  • Invest in our staff

  • Continue to improve performance

  • Continuous product and service innovation

How we will achieve our vision

  • Continuous training

  • Earning the loyalty of both guests and staff

  • Continued investment

  • Continuous improvements of the site, suites and linens